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How to Buy CBD

Questions to ask the staff when buying CBD

What can CBD do for you?

Why should I take it?

What does the mg on the bottle mean?


A 30ml 1000mg bottle of CBD is 33.33mg of CBD per Dose 1000mg/30 = 33.33mg

A 60ml 2000mg bottle of CBD is 33.33mg of CBD per Dose 2000mg/60 = 33.33mg


What is the dose I should take?

                Average dose can be as little as 10mg to as much as 30mg.

                You can take up to 200mg of CBD a day. High doses only recommended for really ill people.

Some people can get relief from as little as 5mg of CBD while others need more based on how many conditions they have and how severe they are. Do not let someone sell you on a very high dose; you may not need that much. You will sure feel good, but you will think you always need to take that much and you probably do not need that much. There are many factors in determining dosing – Conditions and general health, tolerance to other medicines, body size, and type play a role but is not the underlying reason for a dose.

Also, ask when you should dose?

What kind of CBD am I Buying?

Isolate – Pure CBD crystals

Broad Spectrum – Originally had all the components of the plant, but had the THC striped out.

Full Spectrum – Still contains all of the components of the plant, however the THC is below .3%

(The term Full Spectrum is currently being over used. Many Broad Spectrum products are being sold as Full Spectrum because it once contained the federally legal limit of THC and then was removed. This is Broad Spectrum)

What are Terpenes and how can they help me?

What is the “Entourage Effect”?

Can they provide a Certificate of Authenticity from a 3rd party testing facility for the product?

                These show the CBD and THC content as well as terpenes, pesticide and metal  percentages

Where was the product produced?

Stay away from oils produced in-house at the store or at their home! They are usually not tested for CBD content or purity. Ask about their preparation and testing facilities!


Was the staff Knowledgable about CBD & Hemp? Do they have your needs in mind when suggesting products to you? You should never feel pressured into buying CBD or to buy a super high dose you probably don’t need. Do your research and ask questions!


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